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  KhaanaWaana Review: Back to Nature Sea Salt Roasted California Almonds

My earliest memory of almonds involves being hounded by my mom who tricked me into believing that eating soaked, shelled almonds will bestow me with a super brain, an amazing memory and increased concentration to help me retain lessons in school. Nothing of the sort happened!! Today, however, years later (having experienced the wholesome goodness of the almond), I know better and I can only say - I love almonds! They’re my favourite nuts. Salted. Plain. Roasted. Shelled. Chopped. Sliced. It’s almonds all the way!


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Restaurant Review: YumCha Vie Restro-Lounge at Phoenix Market City, Kurla

YumCha Vie from the house of Vie (owners of Vie Lounge) is located right at the entrance of Phoenix Market City, Kurla. Glance over the bamboo fence separating the foyer from the restaurant, and you see a big al fresco seating area that makes up only half of this huge (by Mumbai mall standards) 100-seater standalone.


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Video Review: Kuhn Rikon Egg Separator

I've been using this egg separator manufactured by the Swiss brand Kuhn Rikon for over a year now. My husband bought it in Hong Kong for $32 (roughly Rs. 2000). I feel the thoughtful design makes it a must-have and complete value for money for prolific bakers or anyone fond of egg white omelets.


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Di Nigris White Wine Vinegar has a moderately tangy and a complex but mellow flavour

Years ago, I stocked only one kind of vinegar – the cheap variety that’s better suited for cleaning than cooking! Besides, I hardly ever cooked with vinegar. But when I got into sophisticated cooking, creating recipes from all parts of the world, I learnt there are many varieties of vinegar that act differently on different foods. Today, you’ll find at least 5 kinds in my kitchen.


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KhaanaWaana Review: SKKY Lounge at Ramada Mumbai

SKKY is Ramada, Powai’s new open-air rooftop lounge bar, removed from the city buzz, if that’s the sort of thing you like.

Since it only opens post 5 pm, you have no choice but to wade through evening rush hours to get there. Leaving the homebound traffic behind, we take a narrow road through the Mhada-Aarey Milk Colony area to get to SKKY.


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Auriga In Mahalaxmi: KhaanaWaana

Located at the end of the Famous Studio lane in Mahalaxmi, Auriga is very clearly aimed at catering to finer sensibilities in a setting that is a pleasant departure from Mumbai's space-starved restaurant scene.


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