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Pallavi Dhingra

Pallavi Dhingra

am an advertising professional with a penchant for fashion, makeup and beauty products. With years of experience trying out different brands - both Indian and international - I have a keen sense of what looks and feels right, what's not up to the mark and what one should steer clear of completely.

  KhaanaWaana Review: Back to Nature Sea Salt Roasted California Almonds

My earliest memory of almonds involves being hounded by my mom who tricked me into believing that eating soaked, shelled almonds will bestow me with a super brain, an amazing memory and increased concentration to help me retain lessons in school. Nothing of the sort happened!! Today, however, years later (having experienced the wholesome goodness of the almond), I know better and I can only say - I love almonds! They’re my favourite nuts. Salted. Plain. Roasted. Shelled. Chopped. Sliced. It’s almonds all the way!


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